Few understand this,
but anyone should get $this.

$this is awesome.

Increasing passive income ! How does it work ?

1. Buy $this.

2. Profit.

3. Hodl

4. Profit more.

Everytime someone buys & sells $this, a minimum 5% fee is collected and distributed to hodlers (that means you).

Rewards can never be less than 5%, but can go much higher over time, as explained below; keep reading.

As people sell over time, hodlers concentrate more and more shares of total supply.


Only 1 000 000 $this. Forever.

Fixed supply = no sneaky inflation = no dilution.

Accumulate ! Bigger bags, bigger rewards

Your rewards are proportionnal to your bag.

Buy more $this, get more passive income.

Buy early ! Earlier bags, bigger rewards

To kickstart launch and raise awareness, early buyers get better passive income.

Buyers that buy until 7 days after launch will get "early adopter" status.

Early adopters get higher rewards, as long as they dont sell their bag. If they sell, their status is destroyed.

Go Ethereum ! Bigger Ethereum, bigger rewards

As Ethereum grows bigger, rewards get bigger.

Every day, the % fees increases and decreases by 10% with the number of ETH addresses that hold 1 or more ETH.

So as Ethereum grows, it's more and more expensive to sell $this, and more and more rewarding to hodl $this.

Price Protection !

Hodling good, Selling bad. Whale dumps should never go unpunished.

We designed mechanisms to limit selling pressure and prevent sudden dumps.

If price goes too low under daily average, fees switch to max pain mode to make it extra hard to sell.

Fair launch, fair project.

10 000 $this will be set aside to pay for auditors, influencers, devs & helpers.

Apart from that, no premine, no private sales, no admin keys, no VCs, no founders allocation.

And definitely no chefNomi-ing here.

If founders want $this, they buy $this, just like anyone.

Where to buy $this ?

Stay around, it's coming soon, we'll let you know.